Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sunday Crunch.

Here are some more pieces "Kingdom of the air" the transformation scene of Donald Severin,taken from a graphic novel i started (before i got snowed under with other stuff)in which i wanted to do my own take on all the sci/fi horror influences that have inspired me over the course of my life.
"Seethe" this was a C.D cover i did for a local metal band who had Crass type social ideals, zero integrity and very shallow pockets.....
"Neurotoad" a character design for a computer game that was being touted by a friend of mine to EA games, alas it all went nowhere.
Every now and again a piece of music will work its way right into my head and find its way back out via my pens, Photeks drum and bass track "Age of empires" did just that and heres the pen and ink tribute to that awe inspiring piece of sound.

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