Friday, 14 November 2008

In praise of Virgil Finlay.

Another piece of shit week over and done with, and another example of why what George "Dubya" Bush described as "Free market capitalism" in a rambling and beatific speech to the Americian people last night, doesnt work.
I spent the afternoon talking to a work mate who'se cognitive function is seriously impaired by the job he has been stuck in for two decades.
But onto other things... i think i almost blinded myself last night "stipling" the art of building imagery on paper with black ink dots, H.P Lovecrafts old pal Virgil Finlay was a master of this particular practise as is Swamp thing artist Jon Totleben who if i understand correctly suffers poor eyesight.
the effect looks great but it fries the optic nerves...
Perhaps i should stick to wanking if i want to build wrist muscle and destroy my vision.

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