Friday, 17 July 2009


A Rare colour piece with all the lovely pieces of the spectrum put into place by my mate Dave West who has done such a stirling job of my new Facebook Avatar I had to share it with every one!!!!
Its beaut, Cheers Dave!


Heres a pic Hastur the fiend from beyond who becomes the main villian in Stephensons robot.
I tried to infuse it with the feel of Kevin O'Neill, Ken Reid and Edwin Pouncey (Savage Pencil).
The title is taken from one of my favourite movies of all time, the classic Fifties British horror film. (Also known as Night of the Demon)

The McClusky shakeoff.

Tiffany Minx.

This was the first piece I did in a series that is still happening on and off when I get the chance except they have gone way beyond the realms of Fetishism or Cheesecake.
I did that and three others then mailed them out to various magazines that were in circulation at the peak of the Nineties Fetish explosion and a very kind chap called Mike McMillan who ran a quality publication called Ritual printed them with a very groovy write up...the editor of Skin two wrote back to me and told me I was a deviant and to Fuck off!

Bhagavhad Gita.



A poster I did of Marvels Thing having a tear up with the original British bad boy Dennis the menace for the Team up/VS issue of charity comic Just 1 page.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Well after my Sunday freak out I find out that the so called healthy first victim of swine flu Dr Michael Day died of natural causes....Ho Hum but mark my words that little fucker in the bottom right hand corner of the pic will get us all....IN THE END!(Cue Vincent Price style sinister laughter)

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Dead cities.

I was reading today about the British government starting to get the jitters about Swine flu and the deaths of the first healthy victims (those without underlying health problems).
Peter Holden the leading negociator for the British medical association has stated over proposed immunisation plans for the British population...
"People are still making decisions over this but we want to get cracking before a second wave, which is traditionally more virulent. if the virus does mutate it can get a lot more nasty and the idea is to give people immunity"...
Well thats good news, he then goes on to say...
"but the sheer logistics of dealing with 60 million people cant be underestimated!"
The sheer logistics of dealing with 30 million dead people will be a hell of a lot worse bubby.
Its only a matter of time before a really vicious microbe blindsides us but the airports and schools wont close until its too late for fear it will effect the economy....these people couldnt organize a fuck in a brothel.
It took the Black death twenty years to cross Europe and Asia, now it would take less than two weeks.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

My mate Paul.

Now heres a chap who is the closest you will come to a 21st holy man, a person who'se mind is about as labrynthine as they come and who'se generosity knows no bounds, I dont know anyone who is quite as "out there" as my mate Paul.

When I first met him he was a Glue sniffing, Acid taking, Dope smoking 13 year old who spent his time arguing with anyone and everyone, utterly fearless in his conviction ,intelligence and worldview.

He blew peoples minds at our school and they couldnt deal with it at all, anyhow way back in 1984 he sat himself down next to me in a Maths lesson not knowing me from Adam, saw the mass of obscene doodlings in the back of my maths book and BANG that was it.... mates to the grave. (Our Maths teacher was a serious hardcase called Mister Carter but he would just let me sit and draw, never hassled me over work not happening or homework not being done, absolutely champion.)

I gave Paul the look of the the Blue meanies in this business card I put together last year, he was worried it made him look insane but time spent in the company of Paul is like time spent in Pepperland....and I happen to like the Blue meanies!