Saturday, 26 September 2009

The object of destruction.

This has sat quietly moldering in my sketch pads since 1995-ish when I was listening to a bit too much of the Orb and ingesting a little too much colourful blotting paper.

Its too static and landscape and needed tweaking but as a precursor to the apocalyptic Astronaut storyline thats lurking in the future its a nice apperitif.


Heres a piece I originally drew away back in 1989 featuring two of my favourite 2000a.d comic characters of all time, the arch deviant Nemesis the warlock and uber future nazi Torquemada.

Pat Mills one half of the creative team (the other being my artistic God totem Kevin O Neill) that came up with these beauties refuses to allow fans to create and publish fiction based on his characters well Im begging you Pat let me! let me! Cant you feel the love???

The basic outline has sat in my art box since then crying out for ink and at last I relented and put the black blood on em... people spend less time in prison for murder!

"Life moves pretty fast..."

Heres a little El Indio preview of AccentUKs latest Whatever happened to the worlds fastest man.

Its Written by the multi talented man that is Dave West and illustrated by the sublime skills of Marleen Lowe, who Im more than a little excited to say provides the origin story in the first issue of Stephensons robot.

This book is the Future shock as high art and a Superhero concept that actually rings true.

It has moments of genuine pathos in it something that only a select few writers and artists can pull off and a rare quality in comic books full stop, this book is so rooted in reality that you forget your seeing a tachyon warping act of heroism taking place and end up pulled into an affecting treatise on the nature of what it is to be human, a real testament to breadth of Daves burgeoning talent as a writer .

And all the while your rooting for the protagonist to suceed.

The art is beautiful, able to put across the sadness and lighter moments of the heroes predicament whilst at the same time being fresh, relevant, technically superb and I think at least the equal of D.Cs Neil Googe, which may bode very well for Marleens future in comics.
Buy it I guarantee you will read it in one sitting, you will never forget it and wont set eyes on anything else like it ever again.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Martian God Emperors.

Heres the first page featuring the Martian androids from Stephensons robot.
A stirling job on the colours by Young Dave West!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Mary Shelley overdrive.

Heres another Frankensteins monster pic that I have done for the Patchwork of flesh trading card art project. Coloured Pencils onto inks and a bit more traditional than my last effort.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

In glorious Technicolour!

We are getting there!
Here is a sneaky peak at pages 1 & 2 of the first issue of Stephensons robot, all colouring done by young Dave West (he has many strings to his bow dontcherknow!)
We are going to tweak them once they are all done but I think they look pretty groovy already.
Issue one is finished and Im on the verge of completing the art for issue 2.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Strange tidings from the mind of Dave West.

Heres a little gem that landed on my doormat a few weeks back that I got round to reading last night, Dave Wests STRANGE TIMES.

A collection of self contained short stories with brilliant stand alone characters that gradually begin to segue into one another and working their way through their lives toward a gentle apocalypse which they may or may not avert.

Daves writing style is reminscent of the late Douglas Adams and Alan Moore in his Future shocks period whilst grounding itself in the ennui and dissapointment of the everyday all tainted by the genuinely STRANGE.
And the art is beautifully sparse, Oliver Postgate filtered through the pages of an ominous flight manual.

Its got the lot, Time travel, Robots, Lizard men , Animism, psychic goths, Boxers, ultra brained speedsters, giant stone heads, legions of frogs, genetic engineering, Charles Darwin, boozing and a hint of Franz Kafka brought to you by a genuine maverick of the British comics scene, what more can you ask for?
For a true slice of weird Britannia buy this book.

What I now want to see is an episode of Doctor Who Written by Mister West, that would make for a truly off kilter televisual experience!