Friday, 14 November 2008

The gloriously demented works of mister Mark Millar.

I got to see the movie adaptation of Mark Millars WANTED last night,i was a massive fan of the comic book and its nihilistic world run and populated by an array of archetypal and suitably deranged supervillians.
I didnt hold out much hope for this movie but i was more than pleasantly suprised, its probably the most ultraviolent mainstream film i have seen in years, the effects are demented, brains explode from exit wounds and spiral through the air in slow motion like spastic ballet dancers, cars careen through space allowing their drivers the optimum vantage point from which to assasinate a moving target and its pretty much non stop right up to the end.
The opening sequence, although owing a lot to the Matrix, is totally brilliant and unforgiving, the gore just splashes everywhere, as if the killer is Pollock and the backgrounds that are plastered with grey matter his canvas.
In a word....superb.

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