Saturday, 6 December 2008

Monday, 1 December 2008


Heres the first page of a strip i put together this year for the Accentuk guys Western special called Fistful of corpsemeat, in which a small town is plagued by a flesh hungry gang of ghouls who are chased down by a cowboy from hell.
Its "the Evil dead" meets "Paint your wagon".

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Heres dirt in yer eye!

At some point i will put some of those aforementioned Goth upsetting flyers up.
In the meantime here are a few bits of my harder work for whoever looks at this stuff, to enjoy, admire, get upset or be totally unmoved by.

The lament of Grimly Feendish.

Back at the end of the nineties i was contacted by a local conman and self styled "modern primitive" who was about to start a fetish night called BOUND and GAGGED, it was being held at the electrowerks in Islington north London, he asked me to do the flyers with the proviso "do what you like" I did.
Four months into this venture and the promoter was presented with a handful of angry notes from a gaggle of unhappy middle class Goths demanding I be removed from art duties and replaced with the usual visual dark dogshit, scratchy angels, tombstones etc etc.
To the promoters credit he didnt capitulate and i carried on doing my thing puzzled but proud that I managed to put so many noses out of joint by doing nothing.
The point of this rant? Dont claim to be an outsider if your going to start sobbing into the pages of your copy of King Ink the moment someone comes along and takes something as epehemeral as a concept or ideal and unintentionally gives you back a reverant but dayglo version of it.
And remember if it all gets too much you can always go back to your parents country pile in the wilds of Gloucestershire for tea, sympathy and scones....and if that dont work then fuck you and the hoss you rode in on.

Saturday, 22 November 2008


Here are three preview pages from a project Im in the midst of for the lovely fellas at AccentUK (, STEPHENSONS ROBOT a delightfully looney piece of prime technovictoriana written by Mister DAVE "wild" WEST and Monsiuer JON"beast of the"AYRE about a race between those two original steampunks Robert Stephenson and Isambard Brunel to build a mechanical man.
This thing is epic, spanning several thousand years and featuring a massive cast of characters involved in a labrynthine plot all pulled from the writers minds,expertly blurring the lines between fiction, history and reality.

Friday, 21 November 2008


Two profile shots of a character I came up with in the late nineties for a publisher in north London who specialised in Fetish magazines, they were going to start publishing a free monthly trade magazine for the sex industry in Britain along the same lines as Newyorks "Screw" but call it Fetish U.K, abbreviated to F.U.K.
I was promised a full page every issue to do with what i liked, so i set about putting together a strip called STRANGE ANGELS about a bunch of Gigeresque sex maniacs who breach our dimension and turn the whole planet into one vast alien fuck party.
I got three issues worth of material pencilled, inked and lettered but due to editorial incompetence and all round flakiness where certain members of the staff where concerned it all went to hell, which was a shame cos i saw the mock up copies of F.U.K and it looked SWEEEEET!
The heroine of this perverse revolution was INSANIKA.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Zarjaz? Im not bitter....NOT FUCKING MUCH!

Three pieces here one all linked by my love of the galaxys greatest comic book
2000 A.D
Theres a headshot of the finest villain ever to stalk that comics pages, my all time favourite comic book monster... Torquemada.
And there are two pieces i did for a competition to design a villian for Judge Dredd having been a longtime fan of the bad guys i set about putting together something to rival "Call me Kenneth" "the Angel gang" and all the greats that Dredd fought over the years and came up with a robo merc called the Doberman who carries the remnants of Yakuza gang boss "Meat Takeshi" around in its chest cavity.
This gruesome twosome where meant to travel to Mega city one to exact bloody revenge on the megs criminals who had double crossed and tried to murder Meat.
I didnt win....Pisser!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sunday Crunch.

Here are some more pieces "Kingdom of the air" the transformation scene of Donald Severin,taken from a graphic novel i started (before i got snowed under with other stuff)in which i wanted to do my own take on all the sci/fi horror influences that have inspired me over the course of my life.
"Seethe" this was a C.D cover i did for a local metal band who had Crass type social ideals, zero integrity and very shallow pockets.....
"Neurotoad" a character design for a computer game that was being touted by a friend of mine to EA games, alas it all went nowhere.
Every now and again a piece of music will work its way right into my head and find its way back out via my pens, Photeks drum and bass track "Age of empires" did just that and heres the pen and ink tribute to that awe inspiring piece of sound.

Age of empires.



Kingdom of the air.

Friday, 14 November 2008

The gloriously demented works of mister Mark Millar.

I got to see the movie adaptation of Mark Millars WANTED last night,i was a massive fan of the comic book and its nihilistic world run and populated by an array of archetypal and suitably deranged supervillians.
I didnt hold out much hope for this movie but i was more than pleasantly suprised, its probably the most ultraviolent mainstream film i have seen in years, the effects are demented, brains explode from exit wounds and spiral through the air in slow motion like spastic ballet dancers, cars careen through space allowing their drivers the optimum vantage point from which to assasinate a moving target and its pretty much non stop right up to the end.
The opening sequence, although owing a lot to the Matrix, is totally brilliant and unforgiving, the gore just splashes everywhere, as if the killer is Pollock and the backgrounds that are plastered with grey matter his canvas.
In a word....superb.

In praise of Virgil Finlay.

Another piece of shit week over and done with, and another example of why what George "Dubya" Bush described as "Free market capitalism" in a rambling and beatific speech to the Americian people last night, doesnt work.
I spent the afternoon talking to a work mate who'se cognitive function is seriously impaired by the job he has been stuck in for two decades.
But onto other things... i think i almost blinded myself last night "stipling" the art of building imagery on paper with black ink dots, H.P Lovecrafts old pal Virgil Finlay was a master of this particular practise as is Swamp thing artist Jon Totleben who if i understand correctly suffers poor eyesight.
the effect looks great but it fries the optic nerves...
Perhaps i should stick to wanking if i want to build wrist muscle and destroy my vision.

Thursday, 13 November 2008


Here are a handful of promotional pieces i did for AccentUK based around the major arcana in the Tarot deck and featuring characters that i designed for the ongoing comic book "Stephensons robot."
All colouring done by Mister Jon Ayre.
The Empress is missing, i will seek to rectify that soon.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Here are a couple of my pieces in case anyone actually reads this and thinks these are the anti feline ramblings of a man off his tits on tippex thinner.