Friday, 21 November 2008


Two profile shots of a character I came up with in the late nineties for a publisher in north London who specialised in Fetish magazines, they were going to start publishing a free monthly trade magazine for the sex industry in Britain along the same lines as Newyorks "Screw" but call it Fetish U.K, abbreviated to F.U.K.
I was promised a full page every issue to do with what i liked, so i set about putting together a strip called STRANGE ANGELS about a bunch of Gigeresque sex maniacs who breach our dimension and turn the whole planet into one vast alien fuck party.
I got three issues worth of material pencilled, inked and lettered but due to editorial incompetence and all round flakiness where certain members of the staff where concerned it all went to hell, which was a shame cos i saw the mock up copies of F.U.K and it looked SWEEEEET!
The heroine of this perverse revolution was INSANIKA.

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