Sunday, 28 March 2010

Friday, 26 March 2010


Here we see the ABSOLUTE MASTERS of REALITY consulting the head of Jade Goody for sage advice on a brand new money making scheme.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

R.I.P John Hicklenton .

I have just been told that John Hicklenton one of the artists involved in the final wave of genius to seethe from the pages of 2000ad back in the late 1980's has passed away at the age of 42 after a long battle with Multiple sclerosis.
He was the subject of a moving documentary shown on More4 last year which came and went with minimal coverage or fanfare from the comics community which I think is pretty poor show really.
I can only dream of conjuring half the madness he was capable of putting onto the page, wherever you are now John I salute you.

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Im a big fan of certain Newspaper strips, the use of just three panels to convey a joke, an ongoing adventure or something more profound day in day out for decades is a real art and the masters deserve their dues.
Its something I like to dip into every now and again just to sprinkle a little bit of my sickness into the continuum,these one offs go under the moniker of the MIDDLE OF this episode we see Dogface and No neck meet God.


Heres a little something I cooked up for my old mate Phil, its called Sexy Eggface and came into being due to one of the many deranged text messages we send one another to keep ourselves sane during the interminable boredom of the working week, His never fail to get my freak on.
Phil has a Spike Milligan style nack for insane names and scenarios (he has, like Milligan, also spent a few periods in the bughouse) which then fly through the ether into my mobile and then onto my brain, at some point I want to put a book together written by Phil and illustrated by me just so his talent for the totally absurd isnt wasted

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Way back in the nineties when I was designing flyers for Bound and gagged I put together a line of marital aids to amuse myself.

Here is one of them that I found in the EL INDIO archives...the Sex Pistol.
Im not entirely sure how it works but I have a hankering to draw the character who wields this debauched weapon!