Monday, 14 December 2009


Heres a colour piece I did way back in 1998 but I recently got it scanned to send out to a friend and thought I would put it on here for anyone who'se interested, its a bit poor quality as its a scan of a picture from an ancient printer but it makes me grin!


Im filling an A6 pad up with portraits of Monsters when I get spare time during my "day job"
Inspired by the works of Shane Oakley and Eliza Gauger these fiends slide up and out of my brains into my pens and onto the paper for your peepers with the greatest of sleaze, here are the first batch... Enjoy!


Obidiah Marsh of Innsmouth.

All Tomorrows Villians.


Amy Crackhouse.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

He's a very naughty boy.

I was lucky enough to get me hands on a signed copy of Bryan Talbots new book GRANDVILLE for my birthday and what a fine gift it was too (Cheers Dave).

The first time I became fully aware of his art was when he took over the art duties from my beloved Kevin O'Neill on Nemesis the warlock during the books Gothic empire phase which considering the high regard I hold his work in wouldve been a tall order but Bryan took the bull by the horns and shook the fucker to death before my very eyes.

His work, like Mister O'Neills, was brilliantly weird, astonishingly designed, beautifully detailed and incredibly violent and I loved it.

Since then I have tried to read everything I could get my hands on with a couple of exceptions the most recent being Alice in Sunderland which was an absolute feast for the brain.

Now he has given us GRANDVILLE and it is a total monster, the book starts with a rip roaring steam carriage chase through a decaying Parisian refinery in which the players are routinely shot, cooked and blown up and it doesnt let up from there.

The Main Character is a burly Badger in the vein of Sin Citys Marv who when he isnt solving the series of crimes that drive the book is dispensing rough justice to all and sundry in a manner befitting of old school Dredd.

There is a scene in which surrounded by rascals our hero nuts Barbar the elephants badboy cousin before setting him on fire!

Personally I couldnt ask for more, Its even got a gloriously melancholy appearance from TinTins four legged companion set in an opium den that first appeared in an etching by Gustav Dore!

Buy this book!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Gunther Von Hagenstein

Heres another piece I did for the Patchwork of Flesh trading card art project.

Not quite as juicy as I wouldve liked but great fun to be working in colour again all the same, I just love drawing monsters, especially those designed by good old Victor Von Frankenstein and this ones got no skin!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

The object of destruction.

This has sat quietly moldering in my sketch pads since 1995-ish when I was listening to a bit too much of the Orb and ingesting a little too much colourful blotting paper.

Its too static and landscape and needed tweaking but as a precursor to the apocalyptic Astronaut storyline thats lurking in the future its a nice apperitif.


Heres a piece I originally drew away back in 1989 featuring two of my favourite 2000a.d comic characters of all time, the arch deviant Nemesis the warlock and uber future nazi Torquemada.

Pat Mills one half of the creative team (the other being my artistic God totem Kevin O Neill) that came up with these beauties refuses to allow fans to create and publish fiction based on his characters well Im begging you Pat let me! let me! Cant you feel the love???

The basic outline has sat in my art box since then crying out for ink and at last I relented and put the black blood on em... people spend less time in prison for murder!

"Life moves pretty fast..."

Heres a little El Indio preview of AccentUKs latest Whatever happened to the worlds fastest man.

Its Written by the multi talented man that is Dave West and illustrated by the sublime skills of Marleen Lowe, who Im more than a little excited to say provides the origin story in the first issue of Stephensons robot.

This book is the Future shock as high art and a Superhero concept that actually rings true.

It has moments of genuine pathos in it something that only a select few writers and artists can pull off and a rare quality in comic books full stop, this book is so rooted in reality that you forget your seeing a tachyon warping act of heroism taking place and end up pulled into an affecting treatise on the nature of what it is to be human, a real testament to breadth of Daves burgeoning talent as a writer .

And all the while your rooting for the protagonist to suceed.

The art is beautiful, able to put across the sadness and lighter moments of the heroes predicament whilst at the same time being fresh, relevant, technically superb and I think at least the equal of D.Cs Neil Googe, which may bode very well for Marleens future in comics.
Buy it I guarantee you will read it in one sitting, you will never forget it and wont set eyes on anything else like it ever again.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Martian God Emperors.

Heres the first page featuring the Martian androids from Stephensons robot.
A stirling job on the colours by Young Dave West!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Mary Shelley overdrive.

Heres another Frankensteins monster pic that I have done for the Patchwork of flesh trading card art project. Coloured Pencils onto inks and a bit more traditional than my last effort.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

In glorious Technicolour!

We are getting there!
Here is a sneaky peak at pages 1 & 2 of the first issue of Stephensons robot, all colouring done by young Dave West (he has many strings to his bow dontcherknow!)
We are going to tweak them once they are all done but I think they look pretty groovy already.
Issue one is finished and Im on the verge of completing the art for issue 2.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Strange tidings from the mind of Dave West.

Heres a little gem that landed on my doormat a few weeks back that I got round to reading last night, Dave Wests STRANGE TIMES.

A collection of self contained short stories with brilliant stand alone characters that gradually begin to segue into one another and working their way through their lives toward a gentle apocalypse which they may or may not avert.

Daves writing style is reminscent of the late Douglas Adams and Alan Moore in his Future shocks period whilst grounding itself in the ennui and dissapointment of the everyday all tainted by the genuinely STRANGE.
And the art is beautifully sparse, Oliver Postgate filtered through the pages of an ominous flight manual.

Its got the lot, Time travel, Robots, Lizard men , Animism, psychic goths, Boxers, ultra brained speedsters, giant stone heads, legions of frogs, genetic engineering, Charles Darwin, boozing and a hint of Franz Kafka brought to you by a genuine maverick of the British comics scene, what more can you ask for?
For a true slice of weird Britannia buy this book.

What I now want to see is an episode of Doctor Who Written by Mister West, that would make for a truly off kilter televisual experience!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Birthday card for the inimitable Ms Foreman!

This is about 4 years old and got done in an afternoon for my lovely mate Jules, I wanted to give it a Brendan McCarthy feel... which it seemed to get all by itself.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Bring me the head of PETER CUSHING!

Heres a trading card I did for the Patchwork of flesh art project in which a chap called Coop is amassing a huge collection of trading card sized pieces featuring Frankensteins monster.
Its coloured pencil over ink and has come out looking bloody awful but it was fun so I thought I would share.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Middle of nowhere.

MIDDLE OF NOWHERE was a comic strip I did for the now defunct Pitz music magazine a Milton keynes based zine put together by mister Paul Rivers to promote local bands, he gave me two pages each issue with which i could do what i liked (within reason Heh! Heh! Heh!) so I decided to do something in the vien of Robert Crumb, Dave Cooper and Jim Woodring bigfoot characters inhabiting a twisted version of this new city.
The main characters were Nortil Duk Duk a megalomaniacal Fowl and Bostik a deliriously lazy stoner/boozehound/ chemist.
It folded after the first issue they appeared in, just as they were about to go on an epic quest to find the wall spattered brains of Kurt Cobain....
They were ressurrected for a c.d cover showcasing all the young bands from the surrounding areas which I envisioned as four panel comic strip,all can be seen below.

Driller killer.

Englands Screaming.

The Escapists.

Two flew over the cuckoos nest.


Heres a commission I did for my mate Chris Tucker who wanted a piece done as a birthday present for one his biking mates in full on Zombie style.
I wracked my sweetbreads over a title that had something to do with bikes and in true Kevin O Neill horror punning style came up with Gore De France.
Thats meant to be an undead version of Kraftwerk in the bottom righthand corner and the guy having his brains pulled out is supposedly screaming "SHIT... I NEEDED THAT!" in French, the translation came from my brother in law so it may actually say "MY SISTERS HUSBAND IS A BIG WANKER!"

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Friday, 17 July 2009


A Rare colour piece with all the lovely pieces of the spectrum put into place by my mate Dave West who has done such a stirling job of my new Facebook Avatar I had to share it with every one!!!!
Its beaut, Cheers Dave!


Heres a pic Hastur the fiend from beyond who becomes the main villian in Stephensons robot.
I tried to infuse it with the feel of Kevin O'Neill, Ken Reid and Edwin Pouncey (Savage Pencil).
The title is taken from one of my favourite movies of all time, the classic Fifties British horror film. (Also known as Night of the Demon)

The McClusky shakeoff.

Tiffany Minx.

This was the first piece I did in a series that is still happening on and off when I get the chance except they have gone way beyond the realms of Fetishism or Cheesecake.
I did that and three others then mailed them out to various magazines that were in circulation at the peak of the Nineties Fetish explosion and a very kind chap called Mike McMillan who ran a quality publication called Ritual printed them with a very groovy write up...the editor of Skin two wrote back to me and told me I was a deviant and to Fuck off!

Bhagavhad Gita.



A poster I did of Marvels Thing having a tear up with the original British bad boy Dennis the menace for the Team up/VS issue of charity comic Just 1 page.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Well after my Sunday freak out I find out that the so called healthy first victim of swine flu Dr Michael Day died of natural causes....Ho Hum but mark my words that little fucker in the bottom right hand corner of the pic will get us all....IN THE END!(Cue Vincent Price style sinister laughter)

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Dead cities.

I was reading today about the British government starting to get the jitters about Swine flu and the deaths of the first healthy victims (those without underlying health problems).
Peter Holden the leading negociator for the British medical association has stated over proposed immunisation plans for the British population...
"People are still making decisions over this but we want to get cracking before a second wave, which is traditionally more virulent. if the virus does mutate it can get a lot more nasty and the idea is to give people immunity"...
Well thats good news, he then goes on to say...
"but the sheer logistics of dealing with 60 million people cant be underestimated!"
The sheer logistics of dealing with 30 million dead people will be a hell of a lot worse bubby.
Its only a matter of time before a really vicious microbe blindsides us but the airports and schools wont close until its too late for fear it will effect the economy....these people couldnt organize a fuck in a brothel.
It took the Black death twenty years to cross Europe and Asia, now it would take less than two weeks.