Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sherlock Drengz.

This is a character i cooked up several years ago thats an utterly debauched version of Arthur Conan Doyles famous detective, I wanted to do a strip in which the central character undergoes a serious moral and physical disintegration whilst enjoying all sorts of disgusting adventures along the way.
Why Drengz ? Cos in the end thats the only sound his Syphillis riddled brain allows him to utter.
Here we see our Hero romancing a local beauty.


John H said...

Bwah-hah! This strip would've been a unique opportunity to place readers in constant trepidation of a zombified homo-sex ambush between Holmes and Watson at every turn of the page.

Laughing Indio said...

That the spirit!
If it ever happens its going to be the polar opposite of The Lost girls cerebral leanings, just me indulging my passion for the smutty and grotesque slapstick comedy.
If it does ever see the light of day I want it to become a revolting carbuncle on the arse of the literary legend that is Sherlock Homes.

John H said...

The subject matter is intellectual, if you did anything too clever it'd kill it: Outright vulgarity just the ticket. I'd like to see Holmes having dirty thoughts about Queen Victoria and Mrs Hudson. And possibly Mycroft.

Like your art style btw, very reminiscent of early Kev O'Neill, all that b&w noodly stuff to overwhelm the brain. Lovely.