Friday, 5 June 2009

Goodbye Grasshopper.

Im absolutely choked to hear of the death of David Carradine, as a kid my Dad and I would watch Kung-Fu religiously, its thanks to that television series and the character that David played that my love of the martial arts was kindled, China via Burbank California.
In his book "On single combat" The Wing Tsun grandmaster Kieth R Kernspecht admonishes those who have come to the arts starry eyed with their interests ingnited by the world of film, T.V, comic books and legend laughing at the idea of magic behind these ideals and yet the vast majority of martial arts practioners in the wests passion has been spurred on by what they have seen in commercial mediums...this does not lessen the message...the world of the mind always feeds reality and vice versa.
For me the seeds were planted by Kung fu then Marvels characters Master of Kung -fu and Iron fist, then onto Bruce Lee, the 36th chamber of Shaolin right up until the slew of recent Kung fu epics and finally serious training under the watchful eyes and capable hands of Grandmaster Gary Payne and Sifu Niel Syddenham.
So thank you David...whatever path you wander now I hope its a peaceful one.

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