Friday, 4 September 2009

Strange tidings from the mind of Dave West.

Heres a little gem that landed on my doormat a few weeks back that I got round to reading last night, Dave Wests STRANGE TIMES.

A collection of self contained short stories with brilliant stand alone characters that gradually begin to segue into one another and working their way through their lives toward a gentle apocalypse which they may or may not avert.

Daves writing style is reminscent of the late Douglas Adams and Alan Moore in his Future shocks period whilst grounding itself in the ennui and dissapointment of the everyday all tainted by the genuinely STRANGE.
And the art is beautifully sparse, Oliver Postgate filtered through the pages of an ominous flight manual.

Its got the lot, Time travel, Robots, Lizard men , Animism, psychic goths, Boxers, ultra brained speedsters, giant stone heads, legions of frogs, genetic engineering, Charles Darwin, boozing and a hint of Franz Kafka brought to you by a genuine maverick of the British comics scene, what more can you ask for?
For a true slice of weird Britannia buy this book.

What I now want to see is an episode of Doctor Who Written by Mister West, that would make for a truly off kilter televisual experience!

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Dave West said...

Ah ... Dr. Who written by me ... hmmm .. where would I start ?... ah yes ... that's it ... it'd start with the good Dr realising that there's a bug in his sonic screwdriver .. someone .. or something has been watching him for many many years ....

Hmmm .. anyway .. it means a lot to know you enjoyed the book INDIO ... thanks again for the pinup you donated to the Gallery section ... I'm still busy colouring your Stephenson's Robot pages .. just done the image of the German soldier getting brained by Kingdom's wrench .. wonderful.
Cheers again ..
Dave W