Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Middle of nowhere.

MIDDLE OF NOWHERE was a comic strip I did for the now defunct Pitz music magazine a Milton keynes based zine put together by mister Paul Rivers to promote local bands, he gave me two pages each issue with which i could do what i liked (within reason Heh! Heh! Heh!) so I decided to do something in the vien of Robert Crumb, Dave Cooper and Jim Woodring bigfoot characters inhabiting a twisted version of this new city.
The main characters were Nortil Duk Duk a megalomaniacal Fowl and Bostik a deliriously lazy stoner/boozehound/ chemist.
It folded after the first issue they appeared in, just as they were about to go on an epic quest to find the wall spattered brains of Kurt Cobain....
They were ressurrected for a c.d cover showcasing all the young bands from the surrounding areas which I envisioned as four panel comic strip,all can be seen below.


shane oakley said...

lo, indio. a lot of work in that strip, all that stippling and texture, few do it anymore, and even fewer do it well - you have a rare skill indeed.

damned shame you never did more, the world definitely needs characters like DUK DUK and BOSTIK.

this the only page that happened?

Laughing Indio said...

My word cheers Shane coming form you thats mind blowing!
Yeah theres a page 2 floating round somewhere as well as a half finished page from the next issue, will try and dig them out!