Saturday, 22 January 2011


Everyone Raves about the Watchmen and its one of my Great Comicbook loves too but the book that really blew my head off as a Teenager was Miracleman, Alan Moores epic treatment of the Captain Marvel Mythos.

Miraclewoman or Avril Lear was reimagined by Moore as a Pornographic Priestess that brought comfort to the lonely and frustrated of the World.

This is my version of her!


Mark Kardwell said...

Good man. By the time WATCHMEN came out, I'd already had my mind fully expanded by Marvelman and V For Vendetta and Captain Britain. Watchmen felt like a step back in a few ways.

Laughing Indio said...

Cheers Mark, glad you like it!
When I first read Watchmen it left me depressed it was only on re reading it that its brilliance shone through but Marvelman is one of the finest and most underrated pieces of British Science fiction ever and a beautiful portrait of England at the time.
Im going to have a crack at some Warpsmiths soon!