Saturday, 13 November 2010


I recently saw Mark Gattis's a History of Horror which was a totally fascinating overview of the Horror movie genre.
In the second episode he covered the Hammer films and I got to hear about two old movies I had never heard of but both of which look like absolute Blinders the First was BLACK SUNDAY and the second was BLOOD ON SATANS CLAW which sounded real dark, I was amused to see a little cameo by Betty Frank Spencers wife.
This was inspired by its title and ROSEMARYS BABY as the original title for this piece was "He has his Fathers eyes."


John H said...

Blood on Satan's Claw is a cracker. And as it happens, you can buy the original unedited DVD release on Amazon for £142.

(Or you can go with the edited widescreen version for a tenner.)

Owen Michael Johnson said...

I concur that both of these movies looked the tits! I can't wait to see Black Sunday, the clip of the iron maiden mask looked so brutal.
p.s. my favourite horror movie may be rosemary's baby, so cheers for this..