Saturday, 30 October 2010

An Oldie but a Goldie!

I put one of my crass dodgy jokes up on Facebook as an update a few weeks back and then had a barrage of equally bad ones followed as comments afterwards and there was a corker left by my Mucker SweetP involving Batman and the Boy Wonder that I had never heard before even though it must be as old as The Dark knight himself, so I gave it Flesh and Ink and turned into a 3 panel strip.
The joke is contained in the first two panels and the final Alfred one one is all me just to round it off nicely!
No doubt this will endear me no end with any D.C editorial staff if they ever happen to stumble across it!


John H said...


I'm sure DC will see the funny side, ahaha... err... no, no they won't will they.

Laughing Indio said...

You cant beat a good arse shagging sound effect!
And if you check the Accent Zombies book you will notice thats exactly the same one I used for someone having their throat torn out...not that theres a correlation between the two!