Friday, 7 May 2010

D.R & QUINCH The Totally Awesome guide to Life.

I found these pieces of Gorgeosity whilst browsing some blog or other two days ago and I had to steal them and post them here , D.R & Quinch Alan Moore and Alan Davis finest hour!
For those not in the know it was a short but sweet run of stories in the pages of 2000a.d chronciling the misadventures of two misunderstood adolescent Super fiends called Waldo D.R (Diminished responsibility) Dobbs and Ernest Errol QUINCH.
From what I understand Mister Moore wasnt overly impressed with what he was writing and didnt find his own throwaway jokes about the use of Thermonuclear Weapons funny due to the Geopolitical climate of the time and the very real threat of mutually assured destruction that hung over all of us....I kind of think he missed his own point, I found it a welcome relief from that cloying atmosphere of paranoia and terror....I also found two of the greatest role models of my young life who'se irreverent and utterly deranged outlook went on to inform my own.
And Alan Davis art has never looked better, these characters were totally alive, everything perfectly rendered nothing wasted with a wondeful fifties retro ambience, I have only ever seen anything on par with it and thats a beautifully executed piece of QUINCH by an ultra talented chappy called Garen Ewing.
In my most demented daydreams I imagine PIXAR or BLUESKY coming to the rescue and bringing these boys to the bigscreen for a Morality free, Extraterrestrial, coming of age, Rom com, Disaster, all out complete and utter total Nuclear War movie to end them all.

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