Monday, 8 February 2010


Whilst ransacking Shane Oakleys blog for my face book fanpage (which is dedicated to the great man) I came across some pencilled pieces for an abandoned project for Alan Moores Americas best comics line, it was called LIMBO and one of the main characters was a rather lovely lady in the Vampira vien called CREMATORIA, I fell in love with her on the spot and decided to do an EL INDIO remix to pay homage to the super massive talent of the dark lord of British comic art.


John H said...

Dude... Just totally brilliant.

'They' say the devil is in the detail. You could do a Marshal Law issue with one hand tied behind your back.

Laughing Indio said...

Marshall Law is the man!!!! Im honoured to be paid such a high compliment!!!
Cheers John!

shane oakley said...

indio needs that other hand for fiddling under the table...

FUCKING AMAZING, mr.bradders!

i'm honoured, flabbered in my ghast, and generally struck with eye-popping, jaw-dropping awe at the deranged beauty you effortlessly conjure from your bestial brain and necromantic nibs.

i love the composition, the pose, the little details like the stocking tops and g-string, and that chainsaw is absolutely fabulous, darling.

the other pics are also corkers, but i'm kinda stuck for adequate adjectives to amply describe the abundant admiration i have for your arcane alien artistry.

DAMN! you are fucking good!

Gary Crutchley said...

That's it!
I might as well just 'ang up me pencil now. Can't compete with the absolute bonkers of this awesome drawing.
I'm off ta sit on the sharpened end of me propelling point.
I hope your satisfied Mr Tuttle, you've made a grow man weep with the sheer talent that hides within you sir.

Laughing Indio said...

Come on Gary your work is the Tits mate, I want to inspire not get people to down tools!
No one draws a mad scientist like you sir!