Thursday, 2 July 2009

My mate Paul.

Now heres a chap who is the closest you will come to a 21st holy man, a person who'se mind is about as labrynthine as they come and who'se generosity knows no bounds, I dont know anyone who is quite as "out there" as my mate Paul.

When I first met him he was a Glue sniffing, Acid taking, Dope smoking 13 year old who spent his time arguing with anyone and everyone, utterly fearless in his conviction ,intelligence and worldview.

He blew peoples minds at our school and they couldnt deal with it at all, anyhow way back in 1984 he sat himself down next to me in a Maths lesson not knowing me from Adam, saw the mass of obscene doodlings in the back of my maths book and BANG that was it.... mates to the grave. (Our Maths teacher was a serious hardcase called Mister Carter but he would just let me sit and draw, never hassled me over work not happening or homework not being done, absolutely champion.)

I gave Paul the look of the the Blue meanies in this business card I put together last year, he was worried it made him look insane but time spent in the company of Paul is like time spent in Pepperland....and I happen to like the Blue meanies!


shane oakley said...

lo, indio. only just caught up with your recent blog posts - brain-tickling delights indeed!

DRENGZ gets my vote, i do like the idea of a diseased and decomposing detective, why don't you submit it to THE BEANO?

and the SUBURBIA pic creeps me out; haunting, strange and melancholy, all my favourite things in one.

TOP STUFF! dare we ask for more?

Laughing Indio said...

Hello Shane!
Seems Sherlock Drengz has hit the spot perhaps a little summat for AccentUKs Victoriana....HEE! HEE!
Oh theres plenty more melancholy strangeness where that came from!