Sunday, 29 March 2009


Those rootin tootin types at AccentUK have a new anthology out to buy right now featuring more Cowboy and Cowgirl flavoured tales than you could shake branding iron at.
Its Called WESTERN and is packed with great stories and art, you wont find a finer and more varied selection of talent between between the covers (unless you work in the porn industry) and is available to buy through Accents website for £7.99.... thats only slightly more expensive than a packet of fags these days and infinitely better for you.
Oh yeah Im in it too alongside a whole host of other super skilled people including Andy Bloor, Dave Hitchcock, James Gray, Marleen Lowe, Dwight MacPherson, Dave West, John Reppion and Leah Moore,Tim Keable and Andrew Cheverton and last but by no means least one of my boyhood comic book heroes, the legend that is.... Mister Steve Bissette ...aint life grand?

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